British Marine specialises in the underwriting of insurance for owners of small to medium sized merchant ships, yachts and fishing vessels.

A wholly owned subsidiary of the QBE Insurance Group, British Marine is in the unique position of offering fixed cost insurance backed by ‘A+’ rated security. Clients are secure in the knowledge that the premium they pay reflects their own risk profile and individual performance.

After several years of steady growth British Marine today provides insurance to a fleet of 8,500+ ships aggregating about 10m GT. Small to medium sized merchant ships account for more than 90% of the tonnage insured with the balance being made up by fishing vessels and super yachts

As the name signifies British Marine’s clients were initially drawn mainly from the British Isles but this has changed considerably over the years and today the company is truly international with operators based in most maritime nations.

Originally established as a provider of Hull insurance, British Marine today offers a broad range of insurance products to owners of smaller specialised vessels, either individually or combined.