British Marine has been dedicated to the Hull & Machinery and Protection & Indemnity insurance needs of owners of small to medium sized merchant ships and fishing vessels since 1876

British Marine rewards Assureds who invest in loss prevention measures through a premium policy that fairly reflects each individual operator's claims record.

Our exclusive focus on small to medium sized ships and fishing vessels together with our offering of both H&M and P&I insurance products to our targeted market has enabled us to amass a wealth of expertise understanding the causes of loss and how to prevent them.

Assureds benefit from our repository of collective experiences in a variety of ways:

  • Our experienced survey and loss prevention staff is available to Assureds for guidance and advice on activities to reduce risk and prevent loss.
  • Loss Prevention Advice is communicated to Assureds and their brokers through circulars and on our website.
  • Risk Assessment Loss Prevention surveys, by our inhouse deck and engineer surveyors, or by qualified third-party surveyors, provide detailed risk analysis based on the probability and consequence of described hazards and perceived risk. The survey report gives the owner details of the risk to his ship and recommendations regarding risk reduction.