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Please note that whilst every effort will be made to update the data daily from our systems, if you cannot find a vessel, then please contact us. The data provided herein is not evidence of any policy of insurance nor an indemnity or evidence of any undertaking on the part of the Insurer, whether financial or otherwise, to any party and shall not be construed nor relied upon as such. The search data is applicable as at the date and time it was last updated.

In the event that the Assured, any person acting on its or their behalf or any other third party uses this data as evidence of insurance or of financial responsibility under any applicable law relating to financial responsibility, or otherwise shows or offers it to any other party as evidence of insurance, it does so only on the basis that it is clearly understood that the insurance is subject to the terms and conditions of insurance as provided in the policy of insurance. Such use of this data by the Assured is not to be taken as any indication of the application of the terms and conditions of insurance nor that the Insurer thereby consents to act as guarantor or to indemnify or to be sued directly in any jurisdiction whatsoever. The Insurer does not so consent. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, no responsibility is accepted for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from reliance placed on the search data.

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